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Service Contact Details Record

Table summarising details for record type: CON
Name Data Element Type[Length] Start Domain Abbreviated
RecType Record Type Char[8] 1 CON
State State/Territory Identifier Char[1] 9 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
RegId Region Identifier Char[2] 10 "AA: Region (values as specified by individual..."
OrgId Organisation Identifier Char[4] 12 "AAAA: Mental health service organisation..."
ClusId Service Unit Cluster Identifier Char[5] 16 "AAAAA: An identifier to indicate that a service..."
SUId Ambulatory Service Unit Identifier Char[6] 21 "AAAAAA: Service unit identifier.\n\nIdentifiers u..."
PersIdFlag Person Identifier Flag Char[1] 27 1,2
PersId Person Identifier Char[20] 28 ""
RecordId State/Territory Record Identifier Char[10] 48 "This should be a stable number in the data..."
ContDt Service Contact Date Date[8] 58 RepStart-RepEnd
DxPrinc Principal Diagnosis Char[6] 66 "Represented as ANN{.N[N]}\n\nThe diagnosis establ..."
LegalSt Mental Health Legal Status Char[1] 72 1,2,9
MaritalSt Marital Status Char[1] 73 1,2,3,4,5,6
ResArea Area of Usual Residence Char[9] 74 "Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) code (ASGS..."
ContDur Mental Health Service Contact Duration Number[3] 83 "Valid time measured in minutes. Expressed as NNN"
ContPartic Mental Health Service Contact-Patient/Client Participation Indicator Char[1] 86 1,2,8
ContSessType Mental Health Service Contact-Session Type Char[1] 87 1,2,8

Record Length = 87