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Record Type

Table summarising information on the field: Record Type
Title: Record Type
Name: RecType
Type: Char[8]
RecType: ADMI
RecOrder: 1
Definition: A code indicating the type of each record included in a SKL data file.
  • ADMI: Admitted Patient Service Unit Details
  • AMBU: Ambulatory Service Unit Details
  • CLUS: Service Unit Cluster Details
  • FTEORG: Organisation Full-time Equivalent Staff by Service Setting Details
  • HOSP: Hospital Details
  • HR: File Header Record
  • ORG: Organisation Details
  • REG: Region Details
  • REGNGOE: Region-level Non-Government Organisation payments
  • RESI: Residential Service Unit Details
  • ST: State/Territory Details
  • STNGOE: State-level Non-Government Organisation payments
Meteor ID: Field Meteor ID number
Label: Record Type