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CMHC version 05.51: Data Elements

The following are items for CMHC. For additional information on each please follow the links below.
Item Name Record Type
Ambulatory Service Unit Identifier (SUId) SERV
Ambulatory Service Unit Identifier (SUId) PER
Ambulatory Service Unit Identifier (SUId) CON
Ambulatory Service Unit Name (SUName) SERV
Area of Usual Residence (ResArea) CON
Batch Number (BatchNo) HR
CMHC Specification Version Number (SpecVer) HR
Country of Birth (CoB) PER
Data File Generation Date (GenDt) HR
Data File Type (FileType) HR
Date of Birth (DoB) PER
Estimated Date of Birth Flag (DoBFlag) PER
Indigenous Status (IndigSt) PER
Marital Status (MaritalSt) CON
Mental Health Legal Status (LegalSt) CON
Mental Health Service Contact Duration (ContDur) CON
Mental Health Service Contact-Patient/Client Participation Indicator (ContPartic) CON
Mental Health Service Contact-Session Type (ContSessType) CON
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) ORG
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) CLUS
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) SERV
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) PER
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) CON
Organisation Name (OrgName) ORG
Person Identifier (PersId) PER
Person Identifier (PersId) CON
Person Identifier Flag (PersIdFlag) PER
Person Identifier Flag (PersIdFlag) CON
Principal Diagnosis (DxPrinc) CON
Record Type (RecType) HR
Record Type (RecType) REG
Record Type (RecType) ORG
Record Type (RecType) CLUS
Record Type (RecType) SERV
Record Type (RecType) PER
Record Type (RecType) CON
Region Identifier (RegId) REG
Region Identifier (RegId) ORG
Region Identifier (RegId) CLUS
Region Identifier (RegId) SERV
Region Identifier (RegId) PER
Region Identifier (RegId) CON
Region Name (RegName) REG
Report Period End Date (RepEnd) HR
Report Period Start Date (RepStart) HR
Sector (Sector) SERV
Service Contact Date (ContDt) CON
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) CLUS
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) SERV
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) PER
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) CON
Service Unit Cluster Name (ClusName) CLUS
Sex (Sex) PER
State/Territory Identifier (State) HR
State/Territory Identifier (State) REG
State/Territory Identifier (State) ORG
State/Territory Identifier (State) CLUS
State/Territory Identifier (State) SERV
State/Territory Identifier (State) PER
State/Territory Identifier (State) CON
State/Territory Record Identifier (RecordId) CON
Target Population (TargetPop) SERV