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Ambulatory Service Unit Details

Table summarising details for record type: AMBU
Name Data Element Type[Length] Start Domain Abbreviated
RecType Record Type Char[8] 1 AMBU
State State/Territory Identifier Char[1] 9 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
RegId Region Identifier Char[2] 10 "AA: Region (values as specified by individual..."
OrgId Organisation Identifier Char[4] 12 "Identifiers used in this collection should map..."
ClusId Service Unit Cluster Identifier Char[5] 16 "AAAAA: An identifier to indicate that a service..."
AmbuId Ambulatory Service Unit Identifier Char[6] 21 "AAAAAA: Service unit identifier. Identifiers..."
LHNID Local Hospital Network Identifier Number[3] 27 "NNN: A unique identifier for Local Hospital..."
TargetPop Target Population Char[1] 30 1,2,3,4,5,7
Sector Sector Char[1] 31 1,2
NonProfitNgo Non-government Non-profit Indicator Char[1] 32 1,2,9
AmbuName Ambulatory Service Unit Name Char[100] 33 "Common name used to identify the service unit."
EstArea Geographical Location of Establishment Char[9] 133 "Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) code (ASGS..."
StdsReviewSt National Standards for Mental Health Services Review Status Char[1] 142 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Deprec Depreciation Number[9] 143 "Australian dollars. Rounded to the nearest..."
ExpNonSalTot Non-Salary Recurrent Expenditure - Total Number[9] 152 "Australian dollars. Rounded to the nearest..."
ExpSalTot Salaries and Wages - Total Number[9] 161 "Australian dollars. Rounded to the nearest..."
NClients Number of Clients Receiving Services Number[6] 170 NNNNNN
NCont Number of Service Contacts Number[6] 176 NNNNNN

Record Length = 181