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SKL version 04.00: Data Elements

The following are items for SKL. For additional information on each please follow the links below.
Item Name Record Type
Admitted Patient Service Unit Identifier (AdmiId) ADMI
Admitted Patient Service Unit Name (AdmiName) ADMI
Ambulatory Service Unit Identifier (AmbuId) AMBU
Ambulatory Service Unit Name (AmbuName) AMBU
Batch Number (BatchNo) HR
Blank 1 Spacing Field (Blank1) HOSP
Blank 1 Spacing Field (Blank1) ADMI
Blank 1 Spacing Field (Blank1) AMBU
Blank 1 Spacing Field (Blank1) RESI
Blank 10 Spacing Field (Blank10) HOSP
Blank 11 Spacing Field (Blank11) STNGOE
Blank 11 Spacing Field (Blank11) REGNGOE
Blank 180 Spacing Field (Blank180) REG
Blank 186 Spacing Field (Blank186) ST
Blank 2 Spacing Field (Blank2) RESI
Blank 3 Spacing Field (Blank3) ADMI
Blank 3 Spacing Field (Blank3) AMBU
Blank 3 Spacing Field (Blank3) RESI
Blank 49 Spacing Field (Blank49) AMBU
Blank 539 Spacing Field (Blank539) ORG
Blank 55 Spacing Field (Blank55) RESI
Blank 57 Spacing Field (Blank57) FTEORG
Blank 58 Spacing Field (Blank58) ADMI
Data File Generation Date (GenDt) HR
Data File Type (FileType) HR
Hospital Identifier (HospId) HOSP
Hospital Identifier (HospId) ADMI
Hospital Name (HospName) HOSP
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) ORG
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) FTEORG
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) HOSP
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) CLUS
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) ADMI
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) AMBU
Organisation Identifier (OrgId) RESI
Organisation Name (OrgName) ORG
Record Type (RecType) HR
Record Type (RecType) ST
Record Type (RecType) STNGOE
Record Type (RecType) REG
Record Type (RecType) REGNGOE
Record Type (RecType) ORG
Record Type (RecType) FTEORG
Record Type (RecType) HOSP
Record Type (RecType) CLUS
Record Type (RecType) ADMI
Record Type (RecType) AMBU
Record Type (RecType) RESI
Region Identifier (RegId) REG
Region Identifier (RegId) REGNGOE
Region Identifier (RegId) ORG
Region Identifier (RegId) FTEORG
Region Identifier (RegId) HOSP
Region Identifier (RegId) CLUS
Region Identifier (RegId) ADMI
Region Identifier (RegId) AMBU
Region Identifier (RegId) RESI
Region Name (RegName) REG
Report Period End Date (RepEnd) HR
Report Period Start Date (RepStart) HR
Residential Service Unit Identifier (ResiId) RESI
Residential Service Unit Name (ResiName) RESI
Sector (Sector) HOSP
Sector (Sector) AMBU
Sector (Sector) RESI
Service Setting (Setting) FTEORG
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) CLUS
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) AMBU
Service Unit Cluster Identifier (ClusId) RESI
Service Unit Cluster Name (ClusName) CLUS
SKL Specification Version Number (SpecVer) HR
State/Territory Identifier (State) HR
State/Territory Identifier (State) ST
State/Territory Identifier (State) STNGOE
State/Territory Identifier (State) REG
State/Territory Identifier (State) REGNGOE
State/Territory Identifier (State) ORG
State/Territory Identifier (State) FTEORG
State/Territory Identifier (State) HOSP
State/Territory Identifier (State) CLUS
State/Territory Identifier (State) ADMI
State/Territory Identifier (State) AMBU
State/Territory Identifier (State) RESI
State/Territory Name (StateName) ST
Target Population (TargetPop) ADMI
Target Population (TargetPop) AMBU
Target Population (TargetPop) RESI